Our Gardens

In July 2023, the Stockey Centre and Bobby Orr Hall of Fame celebrated our 20th anniversary! As part of our celebrations to recognize and acknowledge this milestone, a refurbishment of the “island” garden beds located on the property between the side and main parking was undertaken. The ash trees planted in the original landscaping were under attack by the emerald ash borer, necessitating replacement, and the whole area needed some tender loving care. And what better form of TLC than from the dedication of our experienced and knowledgeable volunteers, specifically Nora Alexander, from the Parry Sound District Horticultural Society, who generously gave up hours and days of her time to move this project from a thought on paper to fruition. Nora was instrumental in organizing and leading the project with the planning, design, planting, monitoring, and irrigation. Healthy, native trees were planted in the gardens. To further complete the garden beds, perennial and annual plants were added, with a focus on native species.

The project began in late April of 2023, and continued into August, as the project was fluid and worked with many volunteers, businesses, and organizations to make the project a success.

A HUGE thank you to the following, who donated their expertise and consultation to the project:

Ian Burgess and Briar Howes at Little Garden Greenhouse
Ken Webb, Forest Management Technical Specialist
Curtis Outram at First Step Tree Consulting
Miles Seegmiller at Greener Grass Lawn & Property Maintenance
Tracy Bosley, Master Gardener, of the Parry Sound Horticultural Society

And the following partners who provided their services:

Adams Bros Construction Ltd.
First Step Tree Consulting
Little Garden Greenhouse
Home Depot Parry Sound

And to the following people and businesses that implemented and moved the project to completion:

Nora Alexander of the Parry Sound Horticultural Society
Town of Parry Sound, Parks Department (removal of invasive plants)
Little Garden Greenhouse (irrigation system improvements and upgrades, ordering plant material, preparation of garden areas, planting, and mulching)
First Step Tree Consulting (removal of dead trees and grinding of stumps)
Stockey Centre staff (monitoring of irrigation)

The Stockey Centre continues to be thankful for the number of volunteers who support and offer their services to the success of this facility!  We cannot wait to see the gardens bloom and flourish again this year, and continue to work with the Parry Sound District Horticultural Society to  keep our gardens looking healthy and beautiful.

“To plant a garden is to dream of tomorrow” – Audrey Hepburn